Christene Jackson, M. Ed. is on a mission to empower women and entrepreneurs through motivational and inspirational speaking engagements.  Trained as an educational leader, she has a unique background including sales and marketing, web design, real estate investment, coaching, training and management.  She is a certified life coach and NLP practitioner. She specialized in life coaching, relationship coaching, success and small business coaching and spiritual coaching. 


Her passion for team building, empowering others and personal/professional development, quickly led her to pursue the path of helping others on a larger scale.  She is a writer, blogger, vlogger and enjoys working with individuals through coaching, small groups through facilitated workshops and larger groups through speaking engagements. 


Recent presentations and topics:


Finding Faith through Fury

​I am a mom, an entrepreneur, an educator and follower of Christ, not necessarily in that order.  I share a message of our responsibility to live the best life we can, regardless of our current situation.  My transition back to Christ, through so much anger, was a journey of a thousand miles.  I didn't know it at that time, but my journey was a gift, a blessing.  This path led me to an enlightenment of how we should live and lead, an enlightenment of how we can go out and impact the world. 

Empowering Women



Live BIG!

Drop the FEAR!


Own YOUR Greatness!

Love Yourself!

Taking Control of your Future!

YOU are Rocking this Life!

Skills Workshops



Empaths Unite!

Non-verbal Communication

Communication:  the Key to all Interaction.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Be a Parent, Not a Friend

Understanding Your Child's Behavior

Hard Conversations Can Be Easy!

Appreciating People



Stress Management