Intentional Synergy


Exemplary copywriting combines the knowledge of psychology, the skill of communication and the wit of putting them both together.  

Regardless of the industry, the goal of the copywriter, is to inform and persuade.  In order to be successful, the writer must first understand the psyche of the target market and then, and only then, can they speak to the prospect.

Intentional Synergy provides full services copywriting services to meet the marketing needs of small to mid-sized businesses.  We specialize in the following industries: 

-health, wellness and health conditions (products and services)


-real estate

-life/business coaching

-financial services

-non-profit organizations

Prices are based per project and individualized per the needs of your company.  Every discussion begins with a free consult to learn more about your business and marketing needs.

Contact Christene at (262) 203-2331 to discuss your business marketing needs.

Blog Posts

Video/Podcast Scripts

Content is KING!  But, putting just anything out into the world is not going to get your company where it needs to be.  Content must be intriguing, consistent and purposeful.  I supply blog posts to enable you to publish quality content while focusing on the operation and building of your company.  Video content and blogs are the newest, best way to reach your clients.  But, unscripted and random content will not cut it.  Your clients want to see you, the face of the company, make sure you are putting your best foot forward.