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Saying goodbye to someone we love is an extremely difficult moment in our life.  Your decision to have a personal memorial performed by a life coach will provide support to those who are grieving and provide a positive, uplifting celebration of the life your loved one lived.

At this time, you want to remember the person's spirit and presence in your life and celebrate the legacy they have left behind.  Your ceremonial preferences are respected and I work to create a service that honors your loved one and their family.

Read a sample service here.

As a life coach, I often help people journey through difficult situations.  As a life coach officiating a funeral/memorial, my role is to assist the family and friends as you mourn the loss of a loved one, we take this journey together with a supportive approach to your attendees.  We celebrate the life of the person lost, remember good times and share in the future where they are no longer a part.  

It's at this moment that you do not want to worry about the details of the day, instead you should be focusing on the celebration of your loved one and sharing in the sadness that you feel over their loss.

I provide services within 150 miles of Lake Geneva, WI.  Other destinations can be arranged, however will incur additional travel charges.

Services include:

  • Pre-meeting/interview

  • Early arrival to speak with family prior to service.

  • Private prayer or conversation prior to service.

  • Music if location is not equipped

  • Mic/speaker if location is not equipped

  • Collaboration with chosen service location.

  • Officiating the service

Fee of $650 includes all of the above.  In addition, you may opt for the following:​

  • Graveside prayer (+$50)

  • Post memorial/funeral attendance/1 hour (+$125)