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Client confidentiality is important and a guarantee I make to my clients.  Most clients want their customers to believe they handle their own marketing.  Thus, it's important that all content and posts appear to be created and distributed by the client.


Each strategy has its own nuances, although, the end goal of all is to convert the prospect.

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Social media-Social media allows customers to create communities of people interested in a concept or idea.  Each platform varies in its metrics and visibility of a business.  Businesses that engage their followers with posts that encourage comments and conversation see increased ROI and traffic.  Quotes, contests, sales, polls, insightful questions, stats, testimonials and product reviews all catch the attention of followers.  Engaging influencers can be a powerful way to boost your product.

Sales letters-A sales letter is a marketing tool that promotes a good or service.   A well written sales letter describes a problem that the product or service can solve.  Its intent is to convert the reader in the absence of a salesperson.  A sales letter can be used in direct mail or in email copy.  

Landing page or opt-in page-Essentially, these are the same thing.  They are designed to capture information and increase subscriber base, which in turn, expands your potential customers.  Typically, there is less text and often includes some sort of giveaway item of value in exchange for contact information.  

Email copy-An email sequence is the follow up to a landing page.  Once the subscriber is captured, this is your chance to market your product to someone who has already showed interest.  Emails can be short or long, but should include some value to the recipient.  A sequence should be no less than 7 emails.