Chasing a Dream

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Chasing a dream...

Why would I start a company like this? Why would I venture out on my own when I have the degrees, positive evaluations and experience to continue moving up the ladder in education? These are questions I've asked myself and been asked so many times over the past year.

I only have one answer. I had to follow my heart. As a parent of a child with significant needs and a special educator, I've sat on both sides of the table. Heck, I have sat on both sides, under and on top of the table! And here's what I have learned...

I believe that most people are good. Most people, regardless of the industry or field, want to love others and support others. I believe teachers want more knowledge. I believe churches want to include people with disabilities. I believe first responders want to interact with all members of the community in a positive way. I believe most medical professionals want to respond appropriately to people with disabilities. I believe corporations would give more jobs to those with disabilities if they knew how.

I believe people want those with disabilities in their life and in society. I believe what holds people back is knowledge. I believe that people are afraid to do things wrong and offend or they just have a lack of knowledge oh how to interact, include and engage. We, as people, are afraid of what we don't understand.

So, I set out to change that. I am on a mission to support any organization or person that wants to learn how to include, engage with and support people with disabilities. This mission was placed in my heart long ago and I decided it was time to stop talking about it and start acting on it.

I'm determined to continue to offer online, convenient and affordable training for teachers. I'm determined to work with other industries to support the inclusion of people with disabilities. And, I'm determined to provide ongoing training to parents to support them in caring for and advocating for their children.

I appreciate the support I've received. To those of you who have signed up for workshops or sent comments of encouragement, I am very grateful.

Great things are coming and in the end, lives will be changed. THIS is my purpose. <3