Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This morning, I received an email that was very disappointing.  I won't go into detail, but when you are in a forward momentum and feeling good, sometimes a disappointment can slap you harder than when you are already in a low spot.  As an intelligent person, I know that life is filled with ups and downs.  You know how the saying goes, "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug."  Today, I was the bug.  But, that's not true. It may feel true, but in reality, it isn't.  The email totally kicked my ego, but it took me 30 seconds to read that email and about 5 minutes to process it.  So, in reality, I had a bad 5 minutes. 

The rest of the day, well, that's my choice.  And, yes, sometimes it's hard to move on from a disappointment.  It's hard to push aside a negative experience and move forward in a positive way.  It's hard to hear negative news, ignore it and move on.  But, as leaders, we are leading someone.  People are looking to us to see how we handle situations.  And, sorry to tell you, but you accepted the role as mentor when you became a leader.  Congratulations!  This means you have influence over how people respond to different situation. I'm constantly modeling the behavior I want others to display. 

So this morning, I had two choices:

1.  I could dwell on the disappointment.  Harbor ill will toward the sender.  Walk around with a pessimistic attitude.  Bring others down with me.  Take the afternoon off and bury my sorrows in a glass of expensive whiskey and a giant chocolate cake.


2.  I could delete the email.  Fill my coffee mug.  Start pounding the pavement again.

I will admit, that I filled my coffee mug and played a home decorating game on my phone for about 5 minutes and watched the end of an episode of Stranger Things before I hit the pavement again, but the point is, I didn't dwell. I had to detach from the negativity before I could move on, but after a short break, I just had to delete the email and focus on the goals for the day. 

Everyone has their own way of detaching.  If you do not detach, you cannot let it go. 

Some read, some eat, some exercise, only you can decide what works for you.  You must have that strategy in your back pocket for when things get hard and you need them.  Decide NOW how you will handle disappointment...if you haven't experienced it, well, show your gratitude, but hang on, it's coming. 

Dwelling on a bad situation or moment can ruin a perfectly promising day.  Remember, someone is always watching you.  Do you want your colleagues or employees to lose a sale and lose productivity because of that 300 seconds in a 28,800 second work day???   See it for what it is, detach and move on.  Bigger and better things await!