Good Habits are Easy to Break!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Sometimes, these words ring truer than others! I've had lots of habits over the years. Mostly bad habits, to be honest, eating too much junk food, spending too much money shopping, binge watching my favorite crime series, skipping the gym and scrolling through social media. Why is it so much easier to stick to a habit that negatively impacts us than a habit that does us good?

I contend that when it comes to most bad habits, there's a chemical reaction. If you've read my posts, I believe that sugar is the most dangerous substances out there. Partially because of it's addictive properties, but primarily because of its accessibility and prevalence in our society. Sugar is in every processed food out there. And, in its natural state, it's in our unprocessed foods. A medium apple has 19 grams of sugar. 19 grams of sugar! Natural sugar, but still sugar that has to be processed by our bodies. I was keto before keto was cool. But the past 6 months, we've done a ton of traveling and fell off that keto wagon...and, we fell hard!

So, we decided to kick start the year (maybe a couple of weeks late) by doing a detox cleanse. Here's the link to the cleanse we did. It was hard at first. Eh, who am I kidding? It was hard...for all three days. I was hungry for three days. I was crabby for 3 days. I was tired for three days.

But, the outcome was so worth it! We were refreshed, felt healthier and lighter. Beyond that, this experience has set us on the road to create good habits. We are watching our steps closely and making sure we meet all of the goals on our fitness tracker. And, although, we've been keto for a long time, somewhere along the way, we forgot that calories mattered. So, we are tracking our food and making sure calories going in are lower than the calories we are burning.

But, it's day 3 after the detox cleanse. Day 3. It's already tough. It's 7:30 pm CST. I've had dinner. I've taken in 1,396 calories and I've burned 2,126 calories. My goal is to have a 750-1,000 calorie deficit daily to drop 1.5-2.0 lbs. per week. And, I want a snack. Something, anything, because my habit, has been to have a snack at night. I'm going to keep pursuing this goal. But good habits are so easy to break. It would be so simple for me to march myself into the kitchen and grab a piece of cheese. Cheese is keto. It's allowed. But, I'd be over my desired calorie count. So, I'm focusing all of my energy right now to stick to that good habit. It takes 66 days to form a habit. I've got 63 days to go. Hopefully, this good habit won't be so easy to break.

What good habits are you creating right now? What can you change?

To our health.