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I Think I Need to Teach the How's!

I did a little wellness show nearby this weekend. It was fabulous. I was surrounded by healers of all sorts. The vibe was nothing short of "fire". People were energetic, friendly and, honestly, I think just so dang happy to be around other people after the past two years that they would have gone pretty much anywhere.

I talked to everyone. I don't care if they were interested in learning about my coaching, my journals or where I bought the shirt I was wearing, I talked to them. I hugged them. I shook their hands. I complimented them. I asked about their story.

I wanted to know all the things about everyone!

Some people were avid journalers , some since childhood. They shared their stories about how they began. (My software doesn't think journaler is a word, by the way, and I think my software is wrong. I will petition Merriam Webster if I have to!) They shared stories of how journaling has helped them. It really affirmed what I believe. That most of us could improve our mental AND physical health by dropping pen to paper.

Some people shared that they just don't know what to write or how to start. I create and help others make blank journals, but I also write and publish guided journals. So when I shared those with people they were on board. In fact, I sold more of those than my handmade journals.

So, that tells me that ya'll need some instruction! I will be coming out with 3 new guided journals in the next month. But, I'm also creating a free course for anyone that purchases a blank journal. I think that will help get people get started.

Stay tuned...there's some exciting stuff coming up to help you all improve your mental health! Life should be enjoyed, not endured. Your mental health can make all the difference!

Happy writing!

In peace ~C

I am not a therapist or physician. Mental health challenges are real. There is no shame in seeking help. Reach out to experts if you need them because you are loved and valued.

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