Just What You Needed...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I send a daily quote out to about 50 friends, every day. Sometimes, it's a quote on leadership, sometimes it's a quote about being a good human and sometimes it's a passive aggressive quote that pertains to my life at the moment. Likewise, I'm also on another friend's quote list. She send out a new quote every morning. I'm also on daily email quote lists and read from daily devotionals.

I often open my email or messages to find a quote that hits me right between the eyes. It's like my house is tapped and my computer is bugged by some motivational guru who is intent on inspiring me. And, I'm good with that.

Sometimes things are happening in my life and I receive a quote or message that speaks right to my soul. It's exactly what I need to hear and when I needed to hear it. While those moments creep me out a little bit, they also lift me up.

So, what do you do when those "pick me ups" don't come when you need them? Well, you go out and find them yourself.

No? You don't? Well, you better start. Remember that you are in charge of your response to all the things that happen in your life. Yeah, I know that's tough. But, it's the truth and sugar coating it isn't going to make your situation any easier.

So, what's your first response when things aren't going perfect? I typically host a pity party with a few of my closest friends. I am a great host and include all the yummy vices...snacks, Mexican food and wine. But, once the party is over, then what.

Well, when my rational side kicks in, I like to immerse myself in positive material. I seek out books, podcasts, quotes and scripture, that speaks to me. I feed my soul with all things that are good. Even if, at the moment, I'm not feeling very positive or happy. It's hard to maintain a negative attitude when surrounded by positive, encouraging messages.

I certainly don't forget about the stressor just because I'm reading a quote, but oftentimes the message does help me adjust my mindset and think with a clearer head.

I suggest you keep some sites and books handy so when the rough times hit, you're prepared.

Positive Vibes.