Life Outside of the Comfort Zone

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Comfort zone...that place where fear thrives and dreams die.

This name tag, to some, may be quite insignificant. To me, this name tag, for this small conference, signifies a major accomplishment. This tag reminds me that stepping way out of my comfort zone was the right thing to do. From the outside of my safe zone, I found a new passion.

For me, speaking in front of people was paralyzing. I didn’t even enjoy sharing ideas in school and preferred to fly under the radar. When I became an administrator, I learned quickly that speaking publicly was no longer an option. I was placed into a trial by fire situation. I HAD to learn to speak and I had to learn quickly. To say this was an overwhelming challenge would be an understatement! But I wanted the job and speaking was a big part of it. I worked diligently and with such determination to learn the art of speaking. I read books, watched speakers on television and videos, watched presenters in person and took every opportunity to speak that I was given. I learned what I liked in a speaker and what I didn’t.

I learned to work a room and engage the audience. It took 3 years of consistent study and practice until I finally gained confidence. I began to get compliments in feedback forms. I took those evaluations very seriously. If there was a suggestion, I really thought about that message and how I could perform better the next time. When I’d schedule a training, people began asking if I’d be the trainer because they wanted to join the class if I was teaching it! I never believed I could be good at speaking publicly! My confidence grew and as it did, so did my desire to improve.

Four years later, I know my path. I know that speaking and training is what I want to do with my life. I’ve learned and grown so much! I’ve put in the work and come out stronger. I’m so grateful that I stepped out of that comfort zone. It’s a dangerous place to stay. My path ahead is not exactly clear, but I’m working my way through the fog! I’m constantly continuing to learn and grow and attempt to learn a new trick or two every time I see someone speak!

This journey is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see where it takes me!