Manifesting Your Dreams

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Have you heard about Vision Boards? Everyone from Jim Carrey to Oprah Winfrey claim that vision boards were a component of their success. There are courses online to help you learn to create the boards and learn to use them as a tool to manifest that which you seek.

Vision boards are not new...frankly, as a teen in the 80's, I think we were the originators of vision boards. C'mon my 80's friends...can you say "Chandler assignment notebooks"?!?! That's many of you will admit to cutting out pictures and pasting them into your notebook. We pasted trips we wanted to take, boys we wanted to meet, shoes and pursed we wanted to own...we were putting our dreams out there without even knowing it!

I'm not sure I believe that if I cut out a picture of a 30 day Mediterranean cruise and tape it to a board, look at it every day, then suddenly a suitcase with tickets will arrive in a pretty box with a bow. I just don't think life works that way.

I do, however, believe that our thoughts and mindset can move mountains. I believe that what we set our minds on and focus on are what we work toward. I believe that keeping those goals in sight, every day, and having an emotional connection to them is powerful.

So, create your board. You can do this digitally (search online photo collage) or with good old magazine clippings or your computer/printer. But, first you need to know what you want to manifest in your life. Take some time to jot down your thoughts. Diamond ring? Marriage? Trips? Better job? Whatever it is, write it down. You want your vision board to be specific. You want the images you paste to be indicative of the things you desire.

Once you have your list, find the images that you feel best represent the future you are creating. I recommend pasting them in logical groupings. That way, when I focus on an area of my board, I'm bombarded with images related to that specific goal.

I also like to buy a nice frame and put my board in a prominent place in my home. If you don't want it seen by everyone, that's okay. Place it somewhere that YOU will see it every day, preferably multiple times per day. I have my vision board on the wall of my bedroom. I'm guaranteed to see it at least twice per day. In addition, I took a picture of my board, uploaded it to my computer and it's also my background. I see my board multiple times every single day.

I was just looking at my board at the end of 2018 and I'm pretty excited to say that it's time to update it since so many of my goals have been achieved. Those are revisions that I love to make!

Once your board is created and displayed, now the real work begins. Let's talk about how to use the boards:

-Focus on your board repeatedly and consistently. That means look at it every day without fail, multiple times. Keep your goals in focus. Don't allow yourself to forget what you desire and what you are working toward. Life gets busy, goals get forgotten...the vision board will bring you back to the goals you initially set.

-The power of "I am"- Speak as if you already have the things you want. Speak as if you are already successful. I am energetic. I am powerful. I am a great speaker. I am a success. DJ Khaled began speaking of his success long before he was actually successful. He partially credits his success to speaking into existence.

-Hustle. You cannot speak things into existence without placing hustle behind that which you speak. Create an action plan. Use your vision board to keep your focus and your plan to execute.

-Gratitude. Always express gratitude for what you have while reaching for what you want. You won't be granted more in life if you are not grateful for what you have. If you struggle with gratitude, perhaps that's a perfect item for your vision board.

-Be emotionally connected to your board. Don't just glance at the board in passing. Take a few moments every day to look at your board and cite affirmations about your board.

"I am excited for the trip to Mexico."

"I am grateful for a bigger home."

"I feel healthy and whole as a size 6."

"I am happier than I've ever been."

Whatever it is for you, create affirmations that reinforce your beliefs that the items placed on your vision board will come to light.

What will you use your vision board to manifest? Where can you display your board so you will continue to focus on your desires? How will you incorporate your vision board into your life?

I'd love to hear how you use your vision board! Drop me a comment or send me an email with a picture of your board.