Monday, Monday...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I’m typically a pretty upbeat person.  I recognize I’m not where I want to be, but know that I’m taking steps to get there.  So, this Monday hit me pretty hard.  I had a fabulous weekend and then Monday came and that 5:00 am alarm slapped me in the face.  A million thoughts rushed through my mind in that instant:

I feel miserable…calling in sick wouldn’t be a lie.

I can reschedule anything on my calendar.

Will I even be missed if I’m not there?

Anger because I didn’t meet any of my goals this weekend.

Depression because I don’t feel valued at a place I spend 60+ hours per week devoting my life to.

Optimism because I know my Monday blues are temporary.

I make a short goal list in my head and get up to start my day, determined that next Monday, I’ll be closer to where I want to be than I am today.

I’m not alone, of this, I’m certain.  So many have dreams and goals and desires that they either haven’t reached or fulfilled and are just waiting for the right time.

When is the right time?  Is it when the mortgage is paid off?  Is it when the kids are out of the house and on their own?  Is it when you have a nice nest egg “in case” you aren’t successful?  WHEN?

I gotta say, if I wait for all of the conditions to be perfect, I’ll never take a leap and make changes in my life.  I’ll be walking down the halls of someone else’s dreams with my cane telling some 20 something of the dreams I had when I was young.  I remember a friend of mine got pregnant in her early 20’s.  She was happy, but terrified.  She said, “It’s not the right time.”  I remember telling her that there will never be a right time and everything will be okay and to embrace this exciting time!  WHAT?  In my early 20’s I knew this information? But, here I am at 46 with the same dreams I had at 30 and haven’t done a darn thing about them?

In past blog posts, I’ve written about the fear that we have of taking a leap of faith.  I believe that security is the single most hindrance in people taking steps that lead to life changes.  It’s easy for me to procrastinate about stepping off that ledge because I have a good job with a good salary.  What if I didn’t?  What if I didn’t have direct deposit visiting my bank account every two weeks?  How strong and focused would my hustle be if I knew that my next meal and a roof over my head was solely controlled by my ability to be successful?

Is my w-2 job actually holding me back from successfully changing my life and meeting goals I have set for myself?  I think I know the answer.  I think I know what I need to be where I want to be in one year.

What about you?  What’s holding you back?  When Monday morning rolls around, what are your first thoughts?   What are you going to do today to make sure that you are one step closer to fulfillment when next Monday rolls around?

Peace and strength be with you today as you contemplate life changes.