Take a Risk, She Says...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

So, today was a pretty exciting day. I made a promise to myself that I would get out to at least a few personal growth conferences this year. So, lo and behold, I learned about the RISE weekend. A conference geared toward women and put on by, none other than, Rachel Hollis. I quickly logged on to buy tickets to the Minneapolis event, so excited that it was only 5-6 hours away and I was met with the sold out sign! Darn, maybe next year, or so I thought. I logged on to my email just a few weeks later and when what to my wondering eyes did appear (bare with me, we've got like 2 ft of snow right now and it's STILL coming down), yes, another email from Rachel Hollis announcing a July RISE conference in Dallas! BAM!

Tickets to Dallas went on sale at noon today. I patiently [not really] waited by my computer, checked my internet connection, had my credit card in hand and at exactly noon, I clicked the link ready to buy ONE ticket to the cheap seats. (Ya'll this is in Dallas, it's like a vacation at this point, so I was trying to keep it on the cheap.) I was doing everything I could to talk myself out of going because spending $200 plus travel is not something I "just do". And, I almost won that argument...so many people logged on to get tickets that we broke the internet! Yep! Nothing would load for me! My heart dropped...I had finally resigned to spending $200 and trekking across the country for a conference and, nope, not gonna happen. So, there it was...my fear and anxiety over dishing out cash won and I was not going to this event I was so excited to attend.

But, then the other part of my brain took over and, alas, I read the comments on her IG page and there was another way...an Eventbrite link. I quickly jumped over to Eventbrite and by 12:09, the cheap seats were all...sold...out. 9 MINUTES! Dang. So then, I had to make a quick decision. Here's the conversation that played out in my head.

"You are worth this. Your business, your dreams and goals are worth this. Splurge a little. Skip some of the things you like to do that are unnecessary and just go for it! Do you know how many things you gave up because your kids needed stuff or the house needed stuff? You only have 2 minutes until your ticket is given away....just click it and let's get to planning!"

So, after calculating that the cost of my ticket is equivalent to 72 visits to Starbucks, which, since I go at least three times per week, means that I break even after 17 weeks of missed Venti Breve Lattes with 3 pumps of sugar free vanilla and one Stevia. I can do this. So, I clicked, I bought and I'm going to TEXAS!!!

I know, to some of you, this is ridiculous. It's only a few hundred bucks. But, I'm a mom of two and I don't make frivolous purchases that will end up costing me a stack! My son is 19 and significantly disabled, there's camp to pay for and caregivers to find. Food to cook, meds and supplements to make sure are filled. Back up care in case the scheduled care goes AWOL. Leaving for a weekend isn't that easy. It's a chore. My daughter's in college. She is so self sufficient, but a few hundred bucks could buy her books for the semester. I had some serious guilt going on.

I'm a mom who left a lucrative career, for reasons beyond my control, to chase a dream. But, conferences and personal growth workshops are not and should not be a luxury! These are opportunities to network, grow, inspire and be inspired. These are critical to the life of an entrepreneur and a dream chaser.

I share this experience because I know there are some of you sitting on the sidelines and thinking that you can't afford the ticket or can't get away from the family or can't drive that far alone or can't this or that. Whether it's this event or some other event, your personal growth and development is important enough to figure out a way to make it happen! You deserve this!

Don't miss out on a future because of your present circumstances. Figure out a way...