The Joy of Failing...

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Interesting post title as we start the year off, don't you think?

I've spent the past few weeks really thinking about the transition and roller coaster of the last year. There were many moments to shout with joy, like, true, celebratory, get up and dance kind of moments. Then there were moments that made me wish I could crawl in a hole and hide until all the challenges blew over and the skies were blue again.

I wondered which moments were more impactful to me. Which moments caused me to grow? Which moments caused me to reflect? Which moments brought tears?

When I looked at the year as a whole, I realized it was the moments of failure, the moments of challenge, that really took me to a whole new level. The "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" mentality rang true for me. Yes, there were plenty of great moments. But, when I saw great moments, I celebrated, recognized the success, but THEN turned to challenges so that I could fix them. Those "non broken" moments did nothing to help me improve.

Bam! It hit me, it's the failures and challenges that really set me on the path to growth, not the successes. Celebratory moments are evidence of facing and overcoming the failures and challenges.

If I am to grow personally and professionally, I must decide to change my perspective about the challenges. I am deciding not to dread them, but instead, to embrace them knowing that overcoming any challenge means growth and accomplishment.

Mindset is everything, folks. The way you choose to face your day determines your outcome.

Look at your challenges the past year and think about how you have grown because of them. Change your mindset. See each obstacle as an opportunity. Hold on tight and proceed through the storm knowing the skies will be blue on the other side!

A Skilled Sailor,