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The Magic of Castor Oil

The information provided in this post is based on my own personal experience and research. It is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, heal, treat or cure disease and should not be a replacement for medical advice. Always consult your doctor before trying a new diet, lifestyle or supplement protocol.

I'm going to be totally vulnerable here. I didn't even know what castor oil was a year ago and when someone suggested I use it on my eye to help with eczema, I thought they were nutty. Seriously. My brain transformed castor oil to Castrol oil which have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but my brain couldn't separate the two. Embarrassing, I know. But, here we are and I've learned so very much as I journeyed down this wormhole of research.

I do remember my mom saying they would take castor oil as a kid for a variety of ailments. I've learned over the years that things they did, growing up in the country without much money or resources, that use to make me shake my head and giggle, oftentimes are now my go to remedies for healing. Live and learn, friends, live and learn. Castor oil is a supplement like any other and you should check with your physician before adding it to your regimen. What is castor oil? Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is derived from pressing the oil from the castor bean. Castor oil is very viscous, clear to light colored, very faint odor, slight bitter taste with a strong aftertaste. Caster oil has high levels of ricinoleic acid that help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Tell me more... I'm glad you asked. Castor oil has been used for centuries for skin and hair care, as a laxative and to treat infections. More recently, research shows that castor oil can be used to support the immune system, as an anti-inflammatory agent, antimicrobial agent, and lymphatic stimulant. What a powerful little bean!

How do I use castor oil?

There are many ways to use it depending on your purpose. You can apply it directly to the skin, use it through a castor oil pack, or mix it with other oils to use it as a topical remedy. You can also take it orally, add it to milk or lukewarm water or taken in the form of a supplement. Of course, you'll always want to check with your doctor before adding any supplement and test a little on your skin to make sure you aren't allergic if applying topically.

How can castor oil help?

A simple internet search will yield a gazillion ways that castor oil can help you. Simply pick an ailment and type "castor oil and XXX". I typed in castor oil and eczema and that resulted in over 2 million hits. Castor oil and arthritis? 1.28 million hits Castor oil and hair loss? 10.6 million hits! I tell you this because what I'm educating you on here is that castor oil has a myriad of uses, both anecdotal and research based. I can't possibly cover them all here so I'm sharing my favorite and the ones I most often share with clients.

Skin care

Your skin is your largest organ. It soaks up whatever it's exposed to.

Toxins? Yep Vitamins? Yes Nutrients? You betcha

Minerals? Yeppers Water? Yea it does! So applying castor oil topically can assist the soothing or healing of many skin issues.

Acne-first open your pores by placing a towel over your head while leaning over a bowl of boiling water. Take a very warm washcloth and a small dab of castor oil, and rub the caster oil into the affected area in a circular motion. Allow it to remain overnight and wipe away the oil with a cloth in the morning. Splash the face with cold water to close up the pores. Wrinkles-Castor oil stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, helping to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply castor oil in a circular motion to clean skin. Repeat daily. Bonus points if you apply at night, but beware, you may get it on your linens. Moisturizer-Commercial moisturizers are filled with chemicals and toxins. Remember, your skin is your largest organ! Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. These types of fats can be used to moisturize the skin. They act as humectants, which retain moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of the skin. Many people like to mix castor oil with other moisturizing oils to make it easier to spread. Castor oil is quite thick. Use it for any part of your body that needs a little extra moisturizing treatment including the heels!

Skin disorders-Many people see improvement in skin disorders with the use of castor oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, to name a few. Simply apply castor oil directly to the affected area twice daily. Always check for an allergic reaction on a small spot before applying to large sections. Lymphatic drainage This is the big one for me. Yes, the skin and hair improvements are nice, but if your insides are not operating correctly, everything is affected. So helping the lymphatic system get rid of the gunk is so important. It's kind of the equivalent of a human oil change. The lymphatic system is made up of organs, ducts, nodes and vessels and is considered a vital part of the circulatory system. The clear fluid called lymph is made up of white blood cells including lymphocytes which help the body’s immune system defend against harmful bacteria and cancer cells. Lymph nodes which are found in the neck, abdomen, groin and armpit manufacture the cells that allow the body to remove cancer and fight off infections. Swelling of the lymph nodes, commonly called “swollen glands,” occurs when the lymph nodes manufacture more white blood cells to fight infection. (source) When castor oil is absorbed through the skin, several positive events take place:

-The lymphocyte count of the blood increases.

-Helps to balance the hormonal system by improving the gut (source)

-Lymph flow improves throughout the body, speeding the removal of cellular-related toxins and reducing swollen lymph nodes.

-As toxicity is reduced and health improves, the pH of the saliva becomes less acidic, and the Peyer’s patches in the small intestine become more efficient at fat absorption, which is essential for the formation of hormones and other components necessary for growth and repair.

-There is a general overall improvement in organ function and a lessening of fatigue and depression. (source) Placing castor oil packs just below the right rib cage can help the lymphatic flow. I love Queen of the Thrones castor oil easy and no mess. Get more information about Queen of the Thrones products here: Laxative

Castor oil has long been heralded as the fixer elixir to get a sluggish bowel moving. Where do toxins hang out? In the bowels. You should be having 1-3 bm's a day. Castor oil is not something you want to use for this purpose all the time, but for constipation, it can help to get things moving. Joint and/or Muscle Pain

Castor oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Place a castor oil pack on the area and use a heating pad or hot water bottle to heat up the area. Never fall asleep with a heating pad on the could burn yourself if the oil gets too hot.

My personal experience with castor oil packs... I had read about them but thought the idea was super messy and just wasn't interested. Then I learned about Queen of the Thrones product and decided to give it a try. The second night using the pack, I slept so soundly. Then I started noticing that I was waking up with a flat belly....any bloat from the day before was completely gone. I also started noticing drainage pathways opening up. And folks, if you are contemplating a cleanse, you DO NOT want to do a cleanse if your drainage pathways are not working well. I then started using it as a moisturizer on my face. My skin is so soft now and some of those fine lines are disappearing. I'm even seeing a bit of hair growth. Finally, I felt a better sense of health. I didn't realize it until I went on vacation without my castor oil pack. But, I had some inflammation return. I hit the packs as soon as I got home.

I highly recommend giving these a try. What kind of castor oil? Where do I get all of this stuff??

First, don't skimp on this product. It's a bean. What do people spray on crops to make more money? Pesticides. What are pesticides? Poison. You want to make sure you are buying 100% organic, hexane free, cold pressed, packaged in a glass container castor oil. I prefer Queen of the Thrones. You can buy on Amazon or at your local health food store also, but check out the manufacturer before you start putting this on your skin. If you don't want to buy a pre-made pack (you still need to add the oil, but the pack has a soft cotton inside and a 15% polyurethane (PUL) - Non-toxic, eco-friendly, less-mess layer naturally holds in body heat and gives a bit of protection for your clothes and sheets.), then you can make your own. How to make your own

Cut a few 11 x 14 sheets of non-bleached, organic wool or cotton. Soak them in castor oil, one at a time. Place each sheet, one on top of another onto a clean plastic garbage bag or plastic sheet. Lay down on a towel and place the stack of oil soaked fabric on your abdomen, just below your right rib cage. Cover with a sheet of plastic to increase the heat. You can also use a hot water bottle or a heating pad, but don't fall asleep or use a high setting as you could sustain burns. Remain for 45 minutes or so. You can store the sheets of fabric in a sealed container in the fridge and reuse.

This was, honestly, just too dang much work. And if you are like me, if it's too much work, I'm not going to do it. Take a look at how easy the Queen of the Thrones pack is here. Caution! Never use castor oil packs when you are pregnant. Also if you are new to this practice, always take note of new symptoms...nausea, itchy rash, shortness of breath, diarrhea, cramping, dizziness, etc. Talk to your doctor if you are taking any medications. Consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. And I have a surprise!!

My mission is to support busy, health-minded people like you in getting access to the right lab tests and resources so you can find the missing pieces to your health puzzle and get back to feeling like yourself again (or for the very first time!).

Here’s to you achieving your health goals this year!

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In health and healing,


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Disclaimer: While I'm very knowledgeable, I am not a licensed therapist or physician and don't pretend to be. I will never diagnose you or ask to you stop taking a medication, that's between you and your physician. The best part about working together is that YOU are in charge of your health and YOU make your own health decisions. These results are not indicative of every client's experience, of course. Results will vary as every human has their own biological make-up. So I will never make false promises. My promise to you is to be honest, ethical, supportive, informative and I will be there, present as you travel your own health journey.


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