Why Your Profile Matters!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I work with a lot of people who are frustrated with the job market. They say they’ve searched and search for opportunities to no avail. Considering manufacturing is on the rise and unemployment rates are the lowest we’ve seen since the 60’s, it’s a bit surprising when I see people struggling to get hired.

My first question to everyone with this concern is...are you on LinkedIn?

My second question is...can I read your profile?

And, my last question usually is...can I revise this for you?

Did you know?

>>41% of all millionaires use LinkedIn.

>>More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.

>>91% of marketing execs say LinkedIn is the top place to find quality content.

>>61+ million senior level influencers are LinkedIn users, ~40 million are decision makers.

>>50% of ALL social traffic that goes to B2B blogs and websites is from LinkedIn.

So, what does that mean to the job seeker? LinkedIn is one of the absolute best ways to get noticed. However, there are over 575,000,000, yes million, users! So often I hear, LinkedIn is too saturated. I don’t get any valuable connections. I put myself out there but never get anything out of it. With 575 million users, you can bet that you are going to be overlooked unless you do something to get noticed.

Your profile is one way to stand out among the very crowded crowd. What is your profile saying about you? Is it getting you noticed? Is it telling connections your value? After looking through thousands of profiles, I can tell you that chances are, your profile is not screaming, “LOOK AT ME!,” but rather, “I’m just like everyone else in this field.”

To stand out, consider these ideas:

>>Be creative

>>Be clear and informative

>>Be detailed

I recently helped someone redesign their profile. With their permission, I’ll share the original here with you.

“I’m new to the world of marketing. I will graduate in 2020. I am an excellent student and a hard worker. I will be starting an internship in June of 2019. I’m thrilled to be entering this internship as the first step toward my professional future. In December of 2020, I will be seeking my first full time position in marketing. If you are looking for a dedicated, loyal team member, please remember my name!”

Are the details here? Sure. Was this person clear? Well, somewhat...I know the necessary details, but nothing more. She isn’t clear in her message or what she is seeking. I can tell from this profile that this is a student. The person is graduating soon, participating in an internship and will be looking for a full time job. That’s pretty much it. Nothing in this profile screams, “REMEMBER ME! CALL ME! YOU’RE GOING TO WANT TO HIRE ME!”.

So, we revamped her profile. We added in some creative features. We created a profile that made people want to learn about her. She has now started making connections with key people in the industry at companies in her geographic area. In fact, people are now connecting with her and seeking out conversation.

Just being on LinkedIn isn’t enough. Whether you’re seeking clients, conversation with those in a similar field or seeking a career move, you need to ensure your profile is top notch and noteworthy. Seek out a professional profile designer who can craft a profile that will have people reaching out to connect.

Many blessings,