"Christene is always a fabulous trainer." J.P.


"Chris put together a presentation that was organized, well-paced, and meaningful." K.M.


"Christene is an engaging and entertaining trainer and makes every training I attend interesting.  I always learn something new!" K.H.


"I think this training was quite thorough, both academically and practically.  The theories were surely helpful."  M.A.


"I feel so much better at facing some of the challenging behaviors in my class after working with Christene."  H.O. 


"Chris is amazing!  I wish more staff could receive this training!" P. L.


"Even though there was a Japanese interpreter and few teachers spoke fluent English, Christene was able to present to our organization with clarity.  We left the workshop with more expertise and strategies to engage with children with significant reading disabilities."  Y.K.


"The instructor was very engaging.  I learned many strategies I can implement immediately." J. I.


"Awesome Instructor!  Great Day!  I feel so much more confident." A.R.


"Thank you.  You were wonderful! :)."  J. T.


"Great slides, excellent demonstrations." A.D.


"Christene is super knowledgeable.  I love when she is our trainer!" K. R.


"Very thorough, organized, and knowledgeable of the content.  Real life examples were very helpful.  I'd like some ongoing consultation in my classroom." P. S.


"Awesome Training.  Relatable, clear and relevant." T.K.

"Christene is always a fabulous speaker.  We enjoy having her speak to our congregation." P.P.


"Christene is an so engaging and entertaining.  Our congregation interacted with her during her presentation and left feeling inspired!" R.J.

"She speaks from the heart.  I've experienced so many of the emotions that she shared during the event.  It's nice to know I'm not alone."  A.R.


"Admitting I was angry at God was the hardest thing I'd ever done.  Thank you for sharing your story of transformation."  E.J. 


"Amazing delivery.  I was so touched by her story.  I could just feel the honesty in her words." M.S.


"I was hesitant to bring in a new speaker.  Christene didn't have footage of other engagements.  But, when I spoke to her on the phone, she was so genuine.  She connected with me during a 10 minute phone conversation.  I decided to give her a shot.  I was not disappointed.  Our parent group has even asked that I bring her back to speak to them about parenting children with special needs."  R.C.


"I was invited to come to church by an acquaintance at work.  She knew a bit of my story and knew I was turned off by the idea of church.  Too many bad things had happened in my life for me to believe that there was a God.  I had turned away from the church years ago.  I had nothing to do that Saturday night, so I decided to give it a shot.  I needed the company and thought a fresh perspective could be good for me.  I was so touched by her story.  She had gone through so much and shared so many similarities to my story.  I just felt that I could connect with her and knew exactly how she felt. I don't know where my path will lead, but I know that I am more open to thinking about a relationship with God." B.C.

Inspiring Speaker