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Corporate/Educational Wellness Programs and Workshops

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As corporations and educational organizations, we often provide our staff with growth opportunities.  We bring in experts to teach new skills or further develop current skillset.  But what we know  that employees who are stressed, overwhelmed and making less than stellar behavioral decisions (think bad habits) are also employees that struggle with teamwork, deadlines, work/life balance and burnout!  I know this first hand!  I am a former sales rep, realtor, special education teacher, assistant principal and district administrator.  I've watched organizations lose good people because they were more focused on the bottom line than the health of their staff.

We talk a lot about stress management but, often, we place little importance on strategies and habits to address the external stressors in our lives. 


Check out these stats:

-Occupational pressures are responsible for 30% of workers' back pain
-80% of workers feel stress on the job

-Nearly half say they need help learning how to manage it

-an estimated 40% of turnover is due to stress
-⅔ of teachers leave the field before their retirement date.

- 60% of teachers expressed they were stressed out.

-High stress workers are 30% more likely to have accidents than those with low stress; 60% to 80% of on-the-job accidents are attributed to stress. 
-More than two in five employees say health and safety factors, such as physical illnesses and ailments (45%) and unpleasant or dangerous physical conditions (44%), impact stress level at work.

-Some 57% of U.S. and Canadian workers reported feeling stress on a daily basis
-A study conducted by Mental Health America (formerly the National Mental Health Association) suggests that stress costs US employers an estimated $500 billion dollars in lost productivity annually.
-And, perhaps one of the most alarming statistics…A whopping 60% of teachers expressed they were stressed out. Many educators are considering leaving for the first time ever or have already left the profession altogether due to stress.


I believe there has to be a balance.  There has to be a way to empower and educate staff to improve their mental health and you

At Intentional Synergy, we teach strategies to enable your employees to better cope with stress, create an effective work/life balance and create healthy habits.  


We help your organization by providing workshops, seminars and ongoing coaching to your employees.  We customize presentations based on your individual organizations needs.  


Some of our most popular series topics/workshops/Services:

-How Stress Impacts Health

-EFT Tapping

-Power of Meditation


-5 Stress Management Strategies to Help You Let Go

-Creating an effective work/life balance 

-Importance of Sleep and Strategies to Improve Every Wink

-What Diet is Right for Me
-How Toxins Impact You Health and How to Eliminate Them

-How to Lessen Stress in the Workplace (For management teams)

-Helping Teachers Cope with the Daily Stressors

-Stress Management Techniques for Student (For students and/or staff)
-Replacing Negative Habits with Positive Options

-It's 9:00 Somewhere (a mocktail experience!)
-Group Wellness Coaching

-Organized Office Diet/Fitness Challenges

Contact us at to learn more and create a program that will directly impact your culture, bottom line and the lives of those that make your organization run!



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