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Sessions are done via Zoom.  

1 session:  60 minutes $60

3 sessions:  60 minutes each $140

Visit the Book Now page to purchase/schedule sessions. 

Email me with any additional questions!


What is it?

Our bodies are made up of energy.  That energy travels along paths called meridians.  These meridians have points called meridian points.  Sometimes these paths become clogged and blocked by any number of things including stress, pain, trauma, etc..  These meridian points are used by many types of coaches and therapeutic practitioners and used in traditional therapy, acupuncture, Reiki and Oriental medicine, to name a few, to help release the block so energy can continue to flow.  Tapping can help to reduce these mental blocks and may improve many areas of our lives.  

How can tapping help?

It's here that I want to be clear.  I am not a medical professional, not a licensed therapist, I am a coach and I use tapping as one way to help my clients reduce the blocks they are experiencing.

While no strategy exists that can offer you guaranteed results (if someone offers you a guarantee, please run), tapping does offer an evidence based option to helping you move forward and address issues that you may be experiencing.  You can research this yourself by doing a simple internet search.

My goal is to help you find joy and peace in all areas: mind, body and spirit.  

Please take care of you!

If you are struggling with your mental health, I urge you to seek the support of a licensed medical professional.  If you are tapping with me, anyone else or solo and at any point, you feel unsafe, please reach out to a licensed professional for help.  Tapping can unearth feelings and emotions that may require immediate intervention.  Never fear asking for professional help. 


You are important.

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