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Christene Kamberis is an expert speaker, who delivers presentations that leave audiences excited for their next steps.
Her passion is simple... to empower her audience to commit to themselves and make the changes they wish to see in their lives.

Educate & Inspire


Recent Presentation Topics...

Church Tower

Finding Faith Through Fury

​I am a mom, an entrepreneur, an educator, coach, author, speaker and follower of Christ, not necessarily in that order.  I share a message of our responsibility to live the best life we can, regardless of our current situation.  My transition back to Christ, through so much anger, was a journey of a thousand miles.  I didn't know it at that time, but my journey was a gift, a blessing.  This path led me to an enlightenment of how we should live and lead, an enlightenment of how we can go out and impact the world. 
My message and my upcoming book, with the same title, shares my journey from anger and denial of God's existence to a faith filled life.  I know that sometimes it's hard for Christ followers to grow in their relationship with God because they have shame over questioning their own faith.  So, often people walk go through the motions and come to church but hide from the real conversations because they are ashamed.   I know this because I was there.  In my message, Finding Faith through Fury, I share my journey from anger and denial to reconnecting with my faith and growing my relationship with God.

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Loving Yourself!  (Excellent for middle and high school students!)

Take Control of Your Health

The Art of Listening to your Body

Live BIG!

Hold On to Faith!

God's Love Never Leaves

Drop the FEAR!


Love Yourself!

Taking Control of your Future!

YOU are Rocking this Life!

Teachers:  YOU are changing the world!

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Skills & Workshops

Loving Who You Are!

You Were Uniquely Created for Greatness!

Empaths Unite!

Non-verbal Communication

Communication:  the Key to all Interaction.

Including adults with disabilities in your organization.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Hard Conversations Can Be Easy!

Appreciating People



Stress Management





Tapping-As a certified tapping practitioner, I offer workshops for children and adults on EFT (Tapping) and its uses in managing stress and anxiety.  


Journaling-I love teaching others the science and strategies in journaling while also teaching them to make their own journal. Whether in the classroom, in your studio or even home parties, learning to journal can provide a lifetime of health benefits.

Contact me to set up a workshop for your organization or party!

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