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What is a FDN-P?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner®. Lots of words to say, "Health Detective". It's no secret that going to the doctor usually ends in a prescription.  As an FDN-P, I look at you as a whole person, not a sum of your symptoms.  I help you find healing opportunities to improve the way you function and feel.  

Why Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

It's pretty simple, I was sick of the prescriptions. Bandages on bullet wounds. As someone who battles multiple autoimmune diseases, I was so done with being overlooked, and pacified with a pill. I've always leaned towards natural, homeopathic remedies, so this came instinctively. As an FDN-P, I focus on holistically assisting you to self test, self treat and educate you to make your own decisions about your self care..


I'm ready for you to take control of your life, and I'll be here when you're ready too.

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