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I think you are worth it...

The information provided in this post is based on my own personal experience and research. It is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, heal, treat or cure disease and should not be a replacement for medical advice. Always consult your doctor before trying a new diet, lifestyle or supplement protocol.

Walking to my chiropractor appointment this morning gave me some time to think.

In the past 10 years, I have spent approx. $73,000 on health care. A system that gave me an unnecessary surgery that I will suffer the consequences of for the rest of my life, continued symptoms and increased pharmaceutical drugs to address those symptoms and the last straw...the appointment when the doctor told me to go home, stop trying, take my meds and live the best life possible.

Then just over a year ago, I decided to invest a few thousand in myself. I decided to take a leap of faith and believe that if I gave my body the right circumstances, it could heal itself. For the whopping equivalent to about $4,000. 5% of what I've spent on healthcare in 10 years. I dug deep. I ran lab work that even my physician didn't know how to interpret. I looked deep into my hormone levels. I found imbalances. I regained homeostasis. I worked on healing my gut.

I changed my life. Me. I took control. I changed my life. All of it. Emotionally, physically and cognitively. I can now see a future of playing with grandkids and granddogs. I feel better than I have in decades. I don't NEED a nap every day. I wake up and teach yoga and sometimes teach it 3 times a day and still have energy to go for a walk, build a business, clean the house, make dinner and socialize with friends.

We HAVE to get to an understanding that our body CAN heal itself if we give it what it needs and provide the right conditions.

Your doctor is an important partner in your healthcare. But you are the driver here. You have every right to dig deeper and see if there's a solution instead of just a band aid. Take a pill to fix this about we figure out why we have the symptom and fix that!

Aren't you worth it? You've spent thousands and thousands for a band aid and a temporary fix. Aren't you worth a few thousand to make actual change?

I know not everyone will experience the drastic change I did. Everyone is different. But if, on a scale of 1-10 (one being that you are miserable, 10 being you feel amazing), you are at a 5 and you could move that scale to a 7 or an 8, wouldn't it be worth it????

I will never regret dishing out a little money on myself. Because of that, I am able to care for my son, enjoy activities with the kids, explore life with my husband.

Travel. Work. Socialize. Learn. Set goals. Meet goals!

I dislike making videos, but people need to understand this. People need to know there are solutions, options and help.

You need to know that there are people who will walk with you as you search for health and a vivacious life. You need to know there are possibilities.

It's all on you. You have to pick up that phone and make the call. You have to schedule that free consultation. You have to figure out how to pay for lab work. No one can do it for you.

But consider this....

Daily Starbucks...$5 average. That's $100 a month if you get coffee only on the weekdays. That's $1200/year.

Eating out once a week...(you know you eat out more than that and it probably costs more than this!) $25/4 times=$100. That's another $1200.

That's $2400 by just making coffee at home and skipping eating out once a week.

If you want it, you will figure it out. Let me share more with you: Upcoming Events & Specials (The Offer!!)

Discounts on ALL of my coaching packages! - FREE Consultation Session! Do you want more energy? To lose weight so you can feel great in your body again? To finally put your digestive issues, anxiety or crappy nights of sleep to rest? All so you can feel healthy, strong, free and limitless to be adventurous and live life to the fullest every day? If so, then finish 2022 off strong.

I’m currently accepting a limited number of clients and offering discounts on all of my coaching packages through December, for those who want to start 2023 strong with a personalized, yet strategic health-building plan that is realistic and produces long lasting results.

If your loved one was struggling, you wouldn't hesitate to help them. Why are you hesitating to help yourself?

In health and healing,


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Disclaimer: While I'm very knowledgeable, I am not a licensed therapist or physician and don't pretend to be. I will never diagnose you or ask to you stop taking a medication, that's between you and your physician. The best part about working together is that YOU are in charge of your health and YOU make your own health decisions. These results are not indicative of every client's experience, of course. Results will vary as every human has their own biological make-up. So I will never make false promises. My promise to you is to be honest, ethical, supportive, informative and I will be there, present as you travel your own health journey.

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