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Let's Talk About Almonds...

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Almonds, often called a nut, are actually more likely a seed. Almonds have vast health effects. Research shows that a serving of almonds per day can possibly lower the risk of some cancers, lower blood pressure, help prevent oxidative stress, help regulate blood sugar and manage weight. Almonds have high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, high levels of unsaturated fat, high in protein and fiber and almonds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein, and zinc. It sounds too good to be true!

I enjoy eating almonds and other seeds, but sometimes I like to try something a little different. I just don't trust buying foods off the shelf, so I prefer to make things fresh. I decided to try my hand at making almond milk. Bonus...the process of making almond milk leaves pulp behind and it's great for making almond hummus! They both turned out so delicious that I wanted to share the recipes with you. First, the almond milk.

I can't believe I never tried this before. It's so super easy! You will need...almonds and water. That's it!

Take 1 cup of raw almonds, cover with filtered water and allow them to soak overnight.

After they have soaked, drain the water and rinse.

Place rinsed almonds into the blender, add 3 cups of filtered water. You can add less water if you like a creamier milk.

Blend. Blend again. Blend a third time. I use a Ninja and did the 60 second blend 3 times.

Using a mesh strainer, slowly strain the milk into a pitcher. Empty the pulp from the strainer into a bowl. You will probably have to do this often. (I couldn't find a mesh strainer so I used my flour sifter!)

Literally...that's it! You have almond milk!

I wanted to use mine as a cream for my coffee, so I added vanilla and some stevia to taste.

Store in the fridge and use within 4 days. Enjoy! Almond and Seed Hummus

I questioned this, to be honest, but it, too, turned out amazing! I took a basic recipe I found and made it my own and encourage you to play with the flavors until it tastes right to you. Sometimes the seeds will soak up moisture, so if your hummus is too dry, try adding a little more oil or lemon. Ingredients 1 c. of almond pulp, a little wet

1/2 c. raw tahini

1/4 c. fresh lemon juice

1 T. ground cumin

3 cloves garlic, minced

3/4 t. sea salt

1/4 c. EVOO plus 2 T.

1/4 c. water 2 T. Chia seeds

2 T. ground flax

2 T. sesame seeds 2 T. hemp seeds. Pop all of the ingredients except the seeds into the blender and blend well. Pour into a bowl and add the seeds. Mix well. Adjust flavors to suit your personal taste. Cover and allow it to rest in the fridge for a few hours to cool and allow those flavors blend. Serve with veggies or Naan, whatever you'd normally eat with your hummus.

That's it...seriously, that's all! I love recipes that have no waste and I will tell you that every drop was drank and every bite was eaten. Delish and oh, so good for you!

Eat something today that your body will thank you for! In health and healing,


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Disclaimer: While I'm very knowledgeable, I am not a licensed therapist or physician and don't pretend to be. I will never diagnose you or ask to you stop taking a medication, that's between you and your physician. The best part about working together is that YOU are in charge of your health and YOU make your own health decisions. These results are not indicative of every client's experience, of course. Results will vary as every human has their own biological make-up. So I will never make false promises. My promise to you is to be honest, ethical, supportive, informative and I will be there, present as you travel your own health journey. The information provided in this post is based on my own personal experience and research. It is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, heal, treat or cure disease and should not be a replacement for medical advice. Always consult your doctor before trying a new diet, lifestyle or supplement protocol.


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